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Propagation forecast

Solar X - rays:


Geomagnetic fields:




Links to digimode softwares:

MixW - all in one
Digipan - PSK31 & PSK63- 700kb
MMSSTV & MMTTY - sstv & rtty
DX Atlas - you can put it into MixW - 3Mb
MorseRunner - CW contest/call practicing
RUFZ - software for CW speed practicing with HAM calls
SD official webs

Sugar delta - official SD WEB

Italy  Germany  Greece  Netherlands Switzerland Portugal  Austria
Denmark  Paraguay  Oceania & Pacific  Azerbaijan  Slovenia 

Personal webs
1SD003 1SD015 3SD023 3SD118 3SD123 3SD214 4SD322 9SD103
9SD273 11SD015 13SD110 13SD146 13SD184 13SD345 14SD016 14SD041
14SD140 14SD529 14SD565 14SD576 14SD615 15SD105 18SD102 19SD020
  19SD082 19SD119 20SD079 21SD101 26SD018 26SD026 26SD119 26SD303
30SD123 35SD159 41SD141 43SD012 43SD015 43SD081 43SD152 55SD102
91SD002 91SD144 108SD010 161SD012 161SD020 161SD254 161SD284 201SD101
303SD010 303SD104 303SD105


Other links

Elistas - 11m PSK31 web
Oskar delta - official OD web
Alfa tango - official AT web
32FAT - official web
Propagation - propagation predictions